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Business world develops rapidly altogether with the advancement in science and technology. Accordingly, business practitioners shall improve their productivity to keep aligned with the technology advancement and competitive environment. Businesses practitioners need to be aware of the business rotation to keep survive and move forward following the technological advances that have created a tight business competition. All these challenges must be faced and the solutions must be sought at once.

Husni, Wibawa & Rekan (HWR) Public Accountant has prepared an integrated team of various skills, which are ready to help solve and simultaneously find a solution. With the team based on the required skills and high dedication requirements, it will be guaranteed maximum service to our clients.  With the pure and sincere intentions, HWR solidify its presence in order to contribute significantly to the world of business in Indonesia.

Supported by experts who are very experienced and energetic young professionals, we feel confident that we can assist practitioners in dealing with business issues that arise from business development and technological progress.    

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News about the development of International Financial Accounting Standards

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News about the development of International Audit Standards

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News about developments in taxation, customs and others

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News on the development of Business, Economics and Finance